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My Shower Essentials (For Dry Skin and Hair)

Hey guys! Welcome back. I hope you are all enjoying your weekend. Today I wanted to share with you the products I use in the shower for dry skin and hair. The shower is such an important place for making... Continue Reading →

What To Do When You Are Feeling Overwhelmed In College

Hey guys! Welcome back. I am sure we have all felt overwhelmed in college at least once. Some of us multiple times. Being stressed and overwhelmed is part of the college experience. It means you are trying. However, sometimes we... Continue Reading →

It Is Never Too Late To Start These Five Habits

Hey guys! Welcome back. Happy Thursday. I know that most people make New Year's Resolutions and then hardly keep any of them. However, you don't need a new year to make positive life changes. You just have to make the... Continue Reading →

Don’t Give Up Even If The World Is Against You

Hey guys! Welcome back. Sometimes we get down on our luck. Sometimes people don't share in our passion and dreams. Sometimes people don't believe in us. There are a variety of different reasons for this, but it happens to all... Continue Reading →

My Current Skincare Routine May 2018

Hey guys! Welcome back. It is officially summer because it's super hot and dry outside. Because of that my skin needs a lot of hydration. So I have changed up my skin care routine just a little in preparation for... Continue Reading →

Semester In Review & Summer Plans 2018

Hey guys! Welcome back. This semester was killer! Literally it was the semester from Hell. But I survived it and managed to come out somewhat sane. I got all of my grades today and decided to do a little update... Continue Reading →

Spring And Summer Beauty Essentials

Hey guys! Welcome back. I apologize for being absent this week. I had finals and was busy with that and work. But I am officially home so I can start posting on the regular again. It seems to me as... Continue Reading →

Things You Should Do Every Morning

Hey guys! Welcome back. Happy Monday! I hope you all had a great start to your week. It's Finals Week for some of us, so I know it is very stressful. However, once we make it through, it will be... Continue Reading →

How To Have The Least Stressful Finals Week

Hey guys! Welcome back. As I said in my previous post, finals season is upon us. It makes us all a little anxious, but believe it or not, there are ways to reduce that by a lot. It is possible... Continue Reading →

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