Welcome back! If you’re a college student, you either are or soon will be packing for college. If you’re an incoming freshman, this is probably new to you unless you already know someone who has gone through the process. If this is foreign to you, here are a few things I have learned while doing this. I hope it helps!

  1. Don’t bring all of your clothes. Chances are, you’re going home for Thanksgiving, so you only really need summer/fall clothes now.
  2. Pack plenty of undergarments. As strange as this sounds, it’s easy to forget to pack enough.
  3. Bring at least one pair of shoes for every occasion. You’ll need tennis shoes, sandals, dress shoes, etc.
  4. Bring at least one dressy outfit for things like presentations and interviews.
  5. You don’t need all of your old high school T-shirts. You will more than likely get quite a few college shirts, so only bring your high school favorites.
  6. Buy a laundry bag. A basket and hamper is okay, but carrying it to do laundry can be quite the task. A bag is just so much easier and convenient. But do what is best for you.
  7. Bring a couple of lounge outfits. If that is mostly what you wear, bring a few more. But one or two are good to have on hand.
  8. If you’re unsure if you will need it, chances are you probably won’t.
  9. The more pillows, the better.
  10. Don’t forget earplugs if you are someone who needs complete silence. And a sleep mask if you need complete darkness.
  11. Bathroom floors are nasty, so bring shower shoes.
  12. Buy a plastic caddy. In it, you will need these items:
    1. Shampoo and Conditioner
    2. Body Wash
    3. Razors and Shaving Cream
    4. Face Wash and Exfoliator
    5. Wash Cloth or Bath Pouf
    6. Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Floss, and Mouthwash
  13. Don’t forget perfumes, lotions, skincare products, and hair products. And a basket to put them in.
  14. Bring feminine products in bulk.
  15. Bring only two or three towels. You can use them a couple of times (I wouldn’t recommend more than three times) before you have to wash them.
  16. Bring plastic plates, bowls, and cups. And make sure you have one of each that are microwave safe. Also don’t forget dish soap.
  17. Bring snacks. Healthy or unhealthy, whatever your niche is. Personally, I recommend both because as much as we would all love to eat healthy all the time, we know we won’t. So when you are craving something sweet it’s better to already have it on hand rather than blowing your money on vending machine snacks.
  18. Bring Ziploc bags so you can bring food from the dining hall. It didn’t take me long to learn this trick.
  19. Bring a dry-erase board.
  20. Make sure you have plenty of storage bins.
  21. A full-length mirror is always nice to have on hand.
  22. Disinfecting wipes and Febreeze will become your best friends and they will save your life.
  23. Don’t forget trash bags.
  24. Don’t forget a power strip.
  25. If you have a cell phone, don’t bring an alarm clock. Your phone will work just fine.
  26. Consider bringing a TV and DVD Player, but you don’t need your entire DVD collection. Just a few movies will be fine.
  27. Bring a flash drive just in case.
  28. Bring medicine!!! My Freshman year I got the flu and didn’t have any medicine. I was miserable.
  29. Bring just a few books.
  30. It’s easy to get caught up with decorations, but you don’t really need all that much. Keep it simple.

I hope this helped in some way. It took me so long to write this, but I hops you enjoyed it. Thank you so much for reading! If I left anything out or you have a tip I didn’t mention leave it in a comment below. Chances are it will probably help me and/or someone else. Don’t forget to like this and follow me if you aren’t already. I will see you next time!