My Favorite Things About The Office

The Office is one of my all time favorite TV series. I’ve never seen the UK version, but it has intrigued me for a while. The Office is kind of new to me, but quickly became one of my favorite shows. It’s funny, has a great story and characters, and has just the right amount of romance. Here are a few of my favorite things about the show.

1. Jim and Pam.

Easily one of my favorite TV couples and my favorite couple on the show. They are so sweet and cute and genuinely deserve one another. From their first kiss to the moment Jim showed Pam the video he made of their relationship everyone watching absolutely adored them. Their wedding was epic in so many ways. They had beautiful children. They just had an all around great relationship.

2. Jim pranking Dwight.

Jim and Dwight have one of the most interesting relationships I have ever seen. They are so mean to each other, but you can tell they still care about each other. Especially at the end of the series. I love watching all the pranks. It adds some great humor to an already hilarious show.

3. Every Michael and Meredith encounter.

Everyone remembers when Michael hits Meredith with his car. It was one of the best episodes. But my favorite moment the two share is when Michael is dragging Meredith to rehab. It’s definitely one of my favorite moments.

4. Dwight and Angela.

Their on and off again relationship was one of the best parts of the show. One of my favorite moments from the show is when Dwight proposes to Angela and she tells him he is Phillip’s father. And their wedding was so special and definitely unique. The fact that they got married in their graves was pretty interesting. And the whole cast came back and it was sweet. They are definitely a close second behind Jim and Pam.

5. Dwight-Angela-Andy.

Speaking of Dwight and Angela, you can’t forget about the epic love triangle they had with Andy. I think it’s so funny that Andy was completely oblivious to the thing going on between Dwight and Angela. But it was sweet how he chased after her and didn’t take no for an answer. And his proposal was so sweet.

6. Michael Scott.

His whole character was so great. He was hilarious and added something special to the show. It was so sad when he left. I legitimately cried. I wasn’t the biggest fan of any of his relationships. I didn’t like Jan or Holly’s characters. I understood Jan’s role, but Holly was a bit of a stretch.

7. Andy Bernard.

Andy is easily my favorite character. He was so funny and kind and got along with everyone. I loved watching him as a regular employee and the manager. I loved his relationship with Angela even though I knew it wouldn’t last. But I especially loved him with Erin. They were so cute together.

So those are some of my favorite things. Comment below some of your favorite moments. Or least favorite moments. I love talking about the show. Also don’t forget to like this post and check out my other posts. Please follow if you aren’t already. Thanks for reading and I will see you next time!



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