Leaving A Toxic Relationship

Leaving a toxic relationship can be difficult no matter what kind of relationship it is. It could be a friend, a significant other, or a family member. Regardless it’s not an easy thing to do. I was in a toxic relationship with my mother. And while she is not completely out of my life, she is no where near as involved as she used to be. After realizing the damage she could cause even as an adult I knew I needed to set some boundaries. It wasn’t easy. But I knew it was necessary. Here are the things I did to get out of my toxic relationship as much as I could. Keep in mind this is my mother so ending my relationship with her completely wasn’t exactly possible. It may happen someday, but for now I have done what I could. Your situation may be different. Your outcome and the steps you take to get there may be different.

1. Stop denying your situation.

If you are in a toxic or abusive relationship you should get out as quickly as possible. You have to start by accepting that you are in this kind of relationship. The only way to help yourself is to acknowledge that you need help. Ask yourself how you feel in the relationship. Regardless of if you love the person and care about them or not, if they are not being supportive of you and your needs, you need to get out.

2. Keep a journal.

Write down all of your emotions. When you are happy, sad, mad, confused, frustrated. This will help as a visual of whether you are truly happy in the relationship. This can also help with the denial because if you are sad or mad more than happy it’s a clear cut sign. Write down how the person makes you feel, things they say or do, and the outcome of the situation. Express yourself clearly and accurately.

3. Surround yourself with positive people. 

One of the best things I did for myself was surround myself with people that cared about me and supported me. They lifted me up and reminded me of my worth. Find people that will help you and understand you. This will make removing the negative people a lot easier. They will help you see that positivity beats negativity every time.

4. Allow yourself to heal.

The final major thing I did was allow myself to heal and rest. The relationship was so draining and took so much of my energy that when it was finally over I was exhausted. So I took some time for myself. It helped me so much in the transition and I am thankful for that time.

Toxic relationships are difficult and leaving them can be even more difficult. But we need to allow ourselves to get out of them. So I hope if you are reading this and you are in one of these relationships, or you know someone who is, this helped. Again, your situation may be completely different than mine, but these are a few basic tips you could try.

Thank you so much for reading. Don’t forget to like this and comment some of your tips if you have dealt with this. Also follow if you’re not already. I’ll see you next time!



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