Hi guys! Welcome back. Today is all about what I do to my hair. I have thick, super curly, dry hair. So what you do to your hair may be a little different than what I do to mine. But that’s okay because I think it’s fun to learn about the different hair types and if there are things we can all do the same. And if you do have hair like mine maybe you will learn something. Be sure to comment no matter what hair type you have so we can learn your hair care routine. If you would like me to do a skin care routine let me know in the comments as well. So let’s just get started.

The first thing I quickly want to mention is I DO NOT wash my hair every day. I know people with oily hair need to a little more often, but I think skipping a day is good no matter what. I think every other day is plenty. I typically only wash my hair twice a week (Tuesday and Friday). This may seem a little gross to some people, but it works for me. My hair doesn’t feel gross or anything like that. Now that it’s summer and super hot and humid I do wash as needed. But I try to keep it until it’s absolutely necessary because washing it everyday makes my hair even more dry.

Something I found that I love is the L’Oreal Total Repair Hair Mask (not sure what it’s actually called). It really makes my hair soft and shiny. I haven’t tried the shampoo or conditioner because I usually go for a more moisturizing duo, but if you have tried it let me know in the comments what you think. I use this once a week (on Tuesdays). I use it in place of my conditioner, but I might start doing both.

I also switch up my shampoo and conditioner. I try not to use the same brand twice in a row just because I don’t want my hair to get used to it and it stop working. Right now I am using the Aussie Moist shampoo and conditioner. I bought the smaller bottles, but wish I had bought the bigger bottles. Most of my hair products are Aussie. I use the hairspray, sprunch spray, and leave-in conditioner all the time. I love the smell and I love the product. It’s really inexpensive too. If you want to see an Aussie review and routine let me know below.

That’s basically it. I do flat iron my hair usually, especially in the summer just because it’s more manageable. But that’s just when I wash my hair. It usually stays for a while and after about the second day I’m usually sporting a ponytail. But that’s all I have. Comment below some of your favorite hair care products. Especially dry shampoo. I haven’t found a great one yet.

Thank you so much for reading. I hope you enjoyed this. Don’t forget to like this and comment anything about hair care. Or comment anything. Please follow this blog if you’re not already. And I will see you next time!


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