Struggles of Online Dating

Hi guys! Welcome back. Today’s post is about my struggles and issues with online dating. I hope you enjoy it!

I’ve tried several different dating apps. Each are different in some ways, but in many ways they are all the same. I have no regrets with any of my experiences. However, that being said, I have had some struggles and I’ve heard a few other people have had some different issues with online dating as well.

1. Not being able to take a good picture. With online dating, it’s all about the initial physical attraction. You either have a killer picture, or you use a picture that was taken years ago at some kind of holiday or family event. Some people just aren’t as photogenic as others.

2. Some people, no matter how attractive, are incredibly boring. I’ve had plenty of boring “conversations”. Discussions that never went any where.

3. You are likely to attract at least one person with a fetish. Boy do I have some stories. Foot fetishes, underwear fetishes, among other things.

4. There is always that awkward moment of matching with someone you actually already know, but never considered.

5. You never know who is real and who is, well, not.

6. One of the most annoying–GROUP PHOTOS!!! I can’t stand people who use a picture with someone other than themselves. How do you know which person you are actually supposed to be looking at? So frustrating.

7. You actually match with someone worth talking to and the is zero chemistry in real life.

8. Dick pics. Especially unwanted ones. If that’s all you have, you need to get a personality. I mean let’s be real.

9. It’s either sports or video games. And if you know nothing about either, online dating kind of blows.

10. And then of course there are the guys that seem to only have a profile to be rude to women. I mean I get it. You join dating sites so you can be rude, feel good about yourself, and feel no consequences because you are hiding behind a screen. Yeah. Any girl would be lucky to have you.

11. There’s always the fear of being kidnapped and/or murdered on the first date.

12. People that link their Instagram profile to their dating profile to get more followers. Like no. We get it. You like football and your dog.

13. When you say you like a fit girl, do you mean an active girl or someone who lives up to society’s standards of “thin”? Valid question.

14. When you change your mind about meeting someone, but it’s a little too late to cancel.

15. There is that small chance that the unbelievable might happen and you could fall in love. Or at least like.

And those are my 15 struggles of online dating. I hope you enjoyed this. Let me know what some of your struggles have been. Also, don’t forget to like this and follow if you’re not already.


One thought on “Struggles of Online Dating

  1. 😂😂😂😂 In my opinion, I feel like meeting someone in real life would be better because sometimes online dating could be dangerous. Do you but stay safe.


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