Dealing With Homesickness In College

Hey guys! Welcome back. This is another college post, but these seem to do really well, so I plan to keep doing them as long as they are a success. I do have other posts about other topics in the works so just stay tuned if you are interested. But today is about homesickness. We all feel it sometimes and it’s good to have a grasp on how to deal with it and some things that can help.

So what is homesickness?

I like to define it as missing your home and family. It happens to most of us because we are away from what we always knew. We are starting over. I never thought going into college that I would get homesick. I never thought I would miss anything about home, but I was wrong. I didn’t have the best life growing up, but it was all I knew. And i missed it because while it was bad sometimes, I had grown comfortable in that. I knew what to expect and what would happen. Starting college is different and scary, but sometimes in the best way.

How to Deal With Homesickness

First, understand that is completely normal. Most new college students feel it. And it doesn’t change throughout school. Even as a sophomore I feel homesick. So just know that it’s a normal reaction to being in a new place and you are not alone.

Get used to your new surroundings. Learn about where you are and make the best of it. Explore the campus and the town and get familiar with it. Making it your second home will make the adjustment easier.

Make a space for yourself at school. Find a spot that makes you feel comfortable and relaxed. You get homesick because at home you can be yourself and you are sure of your place in the world. But when you move to a new place, you can get insecure. SO find a special spot that you can connect to and call your own.

Stay connected with home as much as you can. Keeping in touch with friends and family can help you feel like a part of you is still there. And staying up to date on things that are happening can help ease the pressures of your new surroundings.

An obvious one is to make some new friends. This may seem difficult, but I promise it’s not as scary as it seems. You are in a new place with new people that don’t know you. It’s a fresh start. Don’t try to be someone you’re not, but just be yourself. Be confident and you will make friends in no time, no matter what kind of personality you have.

Stay positive. Don’t give up the first week you are there. It gets better. It can be difficult in the beginning and overwhelming to say the least, but it’s worth it. If you put in some effort and make some friends everything will come easier. You may even miss college when you’re not there.

So that’s it for this time. I hope this helps. Thank you so much for reading and please like this if you did. Comment below some of your tips for dealing with homesickness in college or just homesickness in general. Let’s help each other out! Don’t forget to follow if you’re not already and I will see you next time.



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