July Favorites 2017

Hey guys! Welcome back. Today is the last Friday of July so it is time for my monthly favorites. I don’t have many just because I didn’t really do or try anything new this month. But there are a few things that I wanted to talk about, so I wanted to hop on here and talk about them.

My first favorite for the month is Natalie Barbu. She is a YouTube beauty guru. She’s a college student and I absolutely love her. She will eventually get her own Friday Favorite post on my blog, but I have a few planned before then so just keep watching. But I am literally obsessed with her. I have been watching all of her videos. She’s like the younger Casey Holmes.

Some song favorites:

“Act Like You Don’t”-Brooke Eden

“Diamonds”-Brooke Eden

“Mercy”-Brett Young

“This Is Not Goodbye”-Sidewalk Prophets

“Only You”-Selena Gomez

“Warrior”-Demi Lovato

Some beauty Favorites:

The L’Oreal Sponge

The L.A. Colors eyeshadow palette in “Urban”

The L.A. Colors 18 shadow eyeshadow palettes

Those are my favorites. I didn’t have many, but I hope you enjoyed this anyway. Let me know in the comments what some of your July favorites were so I have things to try in August. I’m going back to school this month so if I’m absent, don’t be alarmed I will be back. Right now I plan on still posting everyday, but I don’t know exactly what will happen. So just bare with me. Please like this and follow if you are not already and I will see you next time.



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