Hey guys! Welcome back. I hope you enjoyed your Tuesday. Mine had it’s moments. I was going to call this little series “Packing for College”, but at the last minute decided that it’s not all packing. There’s so much more you have to do when going back to school after the summer.

So the first thing I did this morning was check to see if my Financial Aid was in check and to my surprise it was not. So I spent part of my day contacting people and applying for other loans, etc. Not my favorite thing in the world to do.

As I have mentioned before I am returning to school early for work, so I had to contact people about that to find out more about when to move in, how to get my key, and things like that. That is not completely worked out yet, so hopefully we get it all straightened out tomorrow. But I should be good to go since lots of people move back early.

And I had to pack. Which consisted of yet another day of procrastinating. I got next to nothing done. I did clean a little bit, but I definitely have to do things tomorrow and Thursday. I really need to clean my room as well. And it rained today and since all of my stuff is tucked away on the back porch, I have to go back and forth.

But that was my day. Lots of prepping, not so much packing. But anyway I hope you enjoyed this. Please like it if you want to see more posts like this. Comment below and tell me about your day. Also, don’t forget to follow before you leave and I will see you next time. Thanks for reading!


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