Getting the Most Out of Your College Experience

Hey guys! Welcome back. It’s Tuesday and we all know it’s going to be another college post. I can’t help it. I love college and love sharing what I have learned. But today is about getting the most out of your time spent in college. I’m not going to be cheesy and say “It’s the best four years of your life.” Because I have learned that it doesn’t matter if you are in college for one year or ten years, it is what you make it.

But if you are in college for the standard four years, I have some tips that will help you thrive rather than just survive. It’s more than just studying and working, although those are important. It’s also about friends, activities, memories, and fun. So here are a few things worth remembering as you head back to college.

Choose carefully.

I mean with everything. Be smart when choosing your friends. The friends you make the first few weeks may not be your forever friends. And that’s okay. Take your time and decide what and who is best for you. You can change your major, so don’t rush into anything. Don’t tell yourself you won’t because you probably will. You might also change it back and that’s okay too. Decide which assignments are essential and which aren’t. I know people tell you to do all of your assignments, but there just isn’t enough time. So if you have a reading assignment and a paper due, which should come first?

Get involved in things that interest you.

Don’t try to join every club. No one is interested in everything. Keep in mind that you should try to step out of your comfort zone, but if you have no talent for the debate team, don’t go there. Find your passion. Have fun.

Get to know your professors.

Not only will it benefit you now, but it may benefit you in the future. They make great references and may even be able to land you a job somewhere someday. First impressions are everything and they will remember you.

Take classes outside of your major.

Take classes about things that interest you, but don’t really pertain to your specific major. It’s a great way to make friends and put some fun in your class schedule.

Take your time.

No one cares how long it takes you to finish college as long as you do. And if you don’t, but you are doing something you love then you still win. Your success story is yours and yours alone. Don’t let people break your spirit.

Don’t be afraid of change.

College will challenge you. You will grow and you will change. Don’t be afraid. Your plan will change, your goals will change, even the things you want may change. Just follow your heart, be smart, and don’t let anyone get in your way. Not all change is bad and if you let it, it might just change you for the better.

That is all I have for this one. Please like it is you enjoyed it. Let me know what other college related posts you want to see. I know many of you are enjoying them. Don’t forget to follow if you are not already and I will see you next time.


6 thoughts on “Getting the Most Out of Your College Experience

  1. Bayance says:

    I’m not in college yet but it’s good to be prepared and then once I ace all 4 years without problems (hopefully) I’ll say “I made it thanks to lovegeekygirl’s blogs” πŸ‘πŸ˜‚

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