Hey guys! Welcome back. Relationships are difficult, especially if you are with the wrong person. When you realize you are with the wrong person it’s easy to say that it’s “the right person, but the wrong time”. I don’t think this is true. I think it’s something we allow ourselves to believe because we don’t want to face the truth that maybe it’s the wrong person all together. Everything happens for a reason. People are put in our lives at specific times for specific reasons. Only if that person reappears is it possible that it was the wrong time.

Timing really has nothing to do with relationships. It’s about the people. If the people aren’t compatible or if they want different things, the relationship won’t work. There are many reasons that a relationship won’t work out. Timing isn’t one of them. If you think timing may be the issue, maybe it’s a fear of commitment. Maybe one or both parties aren’t ready to settle down. If this is the case, again it’s the people.

Relationships are scary. There is always the possibility that they will end and you will be hurt. However, you can’t pass it off as bad timing. It’s important to evaluate the situation and the relationship to see what needs to be done differently next time. It’s a simple problem with a very difficult solution. But it needs to be done. Don’t pass it off as nothing. Try to figure out what went wrong. It will help you later.


3 thoughts on “Timing Has Nothing To Do With Relationships

  1. πŸ’― agreed. I can’t really talk from experience since my relationship with food is enough. Lol in all seriousness, I’m not really the get-in-a relationship-in-high-school type but more of the focus-and-get-a-diploma. I need some of your writing on my wall though like “People are put in our lives at specific times for specific reasons.” πŸ‘πŸ‘ Preach girl.

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