How to Stop Underestimating Yourself

Hey guys! Welcome back. I’ve been there. There have been times in my 20 years of life where I have thought to myself, “You cannot do this. It’s too much.” And while at the time these thoughts had some legitimacy, it wasn’t entirely accurate. I was selling myself short when what I really needed to do was believe that I could and would conquer what I faced.

But I still struggle. I still can’t entirely grasp that I can do it. I, like most people, underestimate myself. Sometimes I feel like I am literally dying because honestly the amount of stress and pressure I am under feels like it’s just too much. There is no way that I can possibly make it through. But I do. I’ve always survived.

So why is it that I always feel stress when looking at a huge workload before I feel anything else? Why is my first reaction I can’t do this? What brings out that negativity? It may be the feelings of similar situations in the past resurfacing. It may be that I feel if I am really hard on myself I will push myself harder. Whatever the reason, it isn’t good.

I think our issue most of the time is not what we need to accomplish, but our reaction to it. Our issues lie within our own minds. We are too quick to respond. We don’t take a step back and let it process. So next time you feel stressed or overwhelmed, just remember that you’ve done it before and you will do it again. There is nothing stopping you but yourself.

You can do great things. Not everything will be easy, but if you want it, you can have it. You just have to be willing to work for it. Don’t let the stress become too much. Don’t let it freeze you out. Just keep going. You’ll make it.


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