Hey guys! Welcome back. We all go through low points and phases in our lives when we think we aren’t good enough. Our confidence takes a turn for the worst and we just feel stuck. But the good news is, there is a way to get out of that rut. There is a way to change your perspective and allow yourself to just live again. And yes, it really is all in your head.

The truth is, you are good enough. Whether you believe that in this moment or not doesn’t matter. I know you feel inadequate or undeserving, but it isn’t true. You can’t be so hard on yourself sometimes. You can’t tell yourself you can’t do something just because you don’t want to work for it. If you want something, get up and go after it. You don’t have to justify your life or your decisions to anyone.

You are not perfect. You are flawed. But that does not mean you’re not good enough. You have a unique set of traits and skills for a reason. You are meant to use them to the best of your ability. You can’t compare your life to someone else’s because they’re not you. They can’t do all of the things you can do and you can’t do everything they can do. You don’t have the same background. You don’t have the same job (probably). You don’t know the struggles and challenges they face. So just do you.

Stop thinking you aren’t good enough. Stop thinking you can’t. Stop thinking about how ridiculous you are going to look. Just do it. If it’s something you want, work hard and you can have it. No one is likely going to do it for you. It’s your life and it’s all up to you. But you have to have the motivation and desire to get there. If not, you’re just a person with dreams. Make those dreams goals and you’re already halfway there.

You are good enough. I know you hear this all the time, but it’s true. Life is going to knock you down. People are going to get in your way. You’re going to fail and struggle and want to give up. But you have to remember that there is only one you in the world. And that’s all the world needs. The world needs you exactly as you are. Flaws included. So don’t give up just because you hit a bump.

You are not your insecurities. You are better and more capable than you give yourself credit for. It’s Monday. The start of a brand new week. So get up, get out there, and start fighting for what you want. Make things happen. That should be your goal. Make your dreams a reality.

You are who you are, not who others label you to be. What other people think isn’t nearly as important as what you think. You are more than what people see. You are a human being with feelings and ambitions. You are just as deserving as every other person in the world for a chance at success. But you can’t have it if you give up. You can’t have it if you let others bring you down. It’s not up to them. It’s not their life. It’s yours.

In a world full of darkness, struggle, abuse, and hate there are people who love you. There are people who want to see you succeed. Those people want to see your dreams come true. They want you to be happy because they care about you. They know your worth and your value even on the days when you can’t see it yourself. Go to those people in your times of need. Go to them for support and encouragement.

You are not last. In someone’s life you are a priority. In your life you should be a priority. You deserve to get what you want. Believe that and you will go far. Find people who love you and support you and nothing is impossible. You won’t always succeed. You won’t always be completely happy. But if you work hard and do your best you will live a pretty great life. You are good enough.

Thank you so much for reading. I hope you enjoyed this or at least found it inspiring. Please like it if you did. Let me know any requests you have in the comments. Don’t forget to follow before you leave if you are not already and I will see you next time!