Why You Shouldn’t Want Your Partner To Change

Hey guys! Welcome back. We’ve all been in relationships that weren’t right. The chemistry wasn’t there, you weren’t right one another, or you were just to busy. Regardless, in your fight to make it work there was probably a small part of you that wanted your partner to change. Or maybe, the the worst case scenario, your significant other was a terrible person and you trying to “fix them”. This also isn’t good.

No one can change unless they want to. You can’t force that on them because then you would be telling them that they alone aren’t good enough. We all have struggles and things going on that cause us to be a little irritable at times. But that’s not reason enough to want someone to change.

If you are wanting your significant other to change, they are not the person for you. You need to be with someone you can love completely, faults and all. It’s the same as if your partner is telling or asking you to change. You shouldn’t be with someone who isn’t right for you. It’s not fair for either parties involved.

So save yourself and your partner some heartache and get out now. It’s never easy, but you will come out happier. There doesn’t have to be any issue or any hard feelings. Sometimes it just isn’t meant to be. As long as you are both respectful and mature, there should be a mutual understanding.

Also, don’t discredit the relationship. You probably shared some good times with this other person and you should hold on to that. But you also need to understand when it is time to let go and move on. It isn’t always a fairy tale or happily ever after. Life isn’t perfect and neither are people.

So understand that even when life gets in the way and shakes things up that you are allowed to hurt. You are allowed to end a relationship with someone who just isn’t cutting it for you. It won’t be easy, but sometimes the best things aren’t. Allow yourself to be happy. Life is too short to stay somewhere you don’t want to be.

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