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Monday 9/11–My Scars This is a personal post about me and the things I have struggled with in my life. This will be up sometime today.

Tuesday 9/12–Tips For Giving Your Mind A Break This is especially important for anyone in college. Your mind, as well as your body, need breaks every now and then and this post will give you some ideas on how to do just that.

Wednesday 9/13–What To Do If You Hate College There is a chance that you get to college and you hate it. It’s inevitable that at least one person that ends up reading it will take my advice. Or at least part of it. There is no shame and don’t be afraid to come back if you’re just not sure if you don’t like it. Not everyone does.

Thursday 9/14–Everyone Is Addicted To Something It’s not always something like drugs or cigarettes. Maybe it’s Netflix or food or spending too much money. This is not an advice post. It’s just simply me stating that everyone is addicted to something.

Friday 9/15–TBA

Saturday 9/16–To The People That Want To Be Single Forever This is an open letter to anyone who wants to be single forever.

Sunday 9/17–Weekly Preview

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