Hey guys! Welcome back. This is another random post with an idea that poses a question. It’s pretty simple. Why do we wait to start living? Maybe we think we need more money. Or more time. Or maybe we just don’t feel ready. But so many people wait to start living their lives. But we shouldn’t. We need to start living right now because life is short and we have a limited amount of time.

We have a plethora of excuses and distractions that keep us from truly living and being free. For some it’s college, or a job, or family, or something else. But we need to learn to let go and trust ourselves.

We often waste our time on useless things and meaningless affairs when we should be putting it to use. Travel, homes, people we care about. Life is so much more than we sometimes allow it to be. We can be so much more if we open ourselves up to the possibilities and opportunities around us.

We always seem to think we have to wait for something in order to make ourselves happy. We are always waiting for something or someone to come along and make us happy instead of doing it for ourselves.

Today is Monday. Go out and do what makes you happy. Or find something that will bring you happiness. Life is so precious and can be meaningful if you allow it to be. Don’t let yourself waste it. Invest your time in things that mean something to you and don’t let anyone stand in your way.

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