Hi guys! Welcome back. College can be tough, especially if you’re new. It can be intimidating when you walk around not knowing anyone. But there is always a way to make friends. People are more friendly in college than you realize. You may not meet your friends the first two weeks of college. But that’s okay. Great friendships take time to develop.

You don’t have to be the most outgoing or talkative person to make friends. You don’t have to go out and party every night (or at all) to be happy. You don’t have to be great at everything to be successful. It’s all a matter of being content with who you are.

Being happy and successful comes from understanding that you can’t do everything and you don’t control everything. Once you understand that the rest is pretty easy. There have been plenty of overwhelming times during my time at college, but it’s all turned out great in the end. I don’t have a loud personality and I don’t randomly go up and start talking to people. But I’ve still managed to do pretty well.

Happiness in college comes from knowing who you are and staying firm in what you believe in. It’s perfectly acceptable (in fact encouraged) to step outside of your comfort zone, but within reason. If you don’t want to party and drink every night, don’t do it just because you think that’s the way to make friends. If you are the kind of person who does that and is okay with that then go for it. But if you’re not, you may find that you don’t fit in with that crowd. Perhaps try joining a club or getting an on-campus job. Those are great ways to make friends.

Success comes from going to class and trying your hardest. It’s not about who is the most talkative or who answers the most questions. It’s about doing the work and working hard. You can succeed at anything if you try hard enough and have faith in yourself. It won’t always be easy but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. It just means you should try harder.

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