Hey guys! Welcome back. I just wanted to give you a few tips on keeping your hair healthy, especially in the fall and winter months because it may be cold where you live and sometimes that causes damage.

Tip #1: Don’t wash your hair everyday.

That’s right. Don’t do it. It dries out your hair and strips it of natural oils. If you have oily hair try finding a really good dry shampoo. Give your hair a break from washing, especially if you have a shampoo that has sulfate in it.

Tip #2: Always condition your hair.

I always do this and I couldn’t imagine skipping this vital step. It adds volume and softness to your hair.

Tip #3: Use leave-in conditioner.

Sometimes you can use leave-in conditioner in place of regular conditioner. I use both because I have super dry hair. But leave-in conditioner can keep your hair fresh all day.

Tip #4: Use less product.

It can be rather tempting to use a lot of hairspray and gel, but it isn’t always needed. Letting your hair go naturally can be good once in a while. Let your hair breathe.

Tip #5: Beat the Heat.

Don’t use styling tools everyday. It causes more damage than you know. Try limiting it to two or three times a week at the most.

Those are all the tips I have for this one. Let us know in the comments what tips you have or what products you use. Please like this if you enjoyed it and like posts like this. Thank you so much for reading. Don’t forget to follow before you leave if you have not and I hope to see you next time!