You are not alone. Just breathe and hear me out. It is going to be alright. It’s not going to be easy, but you are going to be fine. Trust me, I’ve been there. In fact I’m there right now. But I know it will be okay and we, together, will survive this. You are exhausted I know. You are struggling and fighting the urge to skip class and not. Don’t do it. Keep pushing through and you will make it. All this hard work and sleep deprivation will eventually pay off. You’re doing something greater than you know.

The most comfort I can give you right now is that you are not alone. We are all simultaneously struggling. If you’re not struggling at this point in the semester it is simply because you aren’t trying. If you are struggling keep working. Don’t give up. It will be okay.

Rambling aside, you will find a balance. Every semester is different because you have different classes. But you will make it because you will find that balance. You will know what days will be the most difficult and which days you can relax. You will know what your weekends will look like. It’s all going to be okay. If you need help with organization check out my post from a few days ago about creating a to-do list. I think you will find it helpful.

Whatever you do, don’t give up. It’s hard now, but you are working toward your future and there is nothing more satisfying than that. Keep working hard. Be proud of yourself and give yourself a break every now and then. Remember to take care of yourself. Don’t be afraid to reach out for the help and support of others. We are all in this together. I care tremendously about each one of you and I am always here for you.


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