Dear College Students

Not long ago I was sitting in my dorm room struggling with the future. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do or who I wanted to be. My future was undecided and I couldn’t figure anything out for the life of me. But I soon realized that what I am going through is pretty normal. It’s not uncommon to walk up to any given college student, ask them what they plan to do with their lives, and them not have a solid answer for you. It happens all the time. And even once I figured it out, I still have doubts.

So if you are struggling with this, you are not alone. Not everyone has a plan and no one has everything figured out. It’s all a matter of time and determination. Speaking of, your determination to make it it the one thing that will drive you the most.

Your focus determines your future. You may find that hard to believe now, but it’s absolutely true. What you allow to consume your mind and energy will determine how far you go and how successful you are. If you want good results, you will have to work hard to get there. You can’t cut corners and not try and expect to come out on top. It simply doesn’t work that way.

So put effort into everything you do. Take pride in a job well done and be proud or your accomplishments. Don’t sell yourself short. Don’t copy and paste your way through life. Be original and work hard. The rewards are just on the other side.


Geeky Girl


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