Hey guys! Welcome back. “Everything is temporary.” It is such a simple statement that may actually carry the most peace. Coming to terms with the fact that everything in this world is temporary-emotions, time, and even people-allows us to embrace the good and bear the bad.

Sometimes it’s challenging to embrace temporary whether it’s good or bad. Yes, life is stressful sometimes but that shouldn’t stop you from living. You have to take every moment and live your life. It’s not easy when everything feels Earth-shattering, but it all ends at some point. Even a bad day only lasts 24 hours. Life doesn’t always go as planned. But the truth is that’s probably a good thing. Because the only promised thing in life is that things change. Even the worst heartache heals eventually.

Living in a world where everything is temporary increases the value of everything. Every moment you enjoy, every relationship you build, every achievement. It is all much more enjoyable knowing it won’t last forever. We are grateful because things change. We give thanks for what we have because we know tomorrow it could all be gone.

Life  changes. Things are temporary. But you shouldn’t be upset about that. You should be glad because you get to enjoy these rare moments that don’t happen everyday. You also get to know that pain won’t last forever and that things will get better. You just have to hold on and keep your head held high.

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