Hey guys! Welcome back. I know what it feels like to hit rock bottom. I know what it’s like to not have any idea what to do and fell like you are alone even when you’re not. I know that feeling of suffering and wanting better. It’s a life I lived and a life I don’t ever want to return to.

I got out mostly in one piece. I spent years waiting for the day that I would finally be free and when I was there was a feeling of relief. Through all my years of waiting for it end and even in the years after, I became a person I hated. I was selfish, narcissistic, and insecure among other things. I didn’t like myself or the person I became. I wanted something more. I wanted to be better.

I grew in a small town full of selfish people. I grew up around people who judged me and who were condescending. I became one of those people. I didn’t like it, so once I left I made the choice to change. It didn’t happen overnight, but I’m making it one day at a time. And that’s the thing I realized. I won’t be a completely new person overnight. It will take more than a day or a week to see progress. It takes time and dedication.

As much as I hated my childhood and the person I had become because of it I know it saved my life. I didn’t have a picture-perfect family or a happy childhood. But I did have God. Through it all no matter what, I knew He was there. I knew I could talk to Him and He would always listen. He got me through the darkest times in my life.

He also gave me everything I ever wanted and needed when I made it through. I am living the life I am because I trusted God and pushed through the dark years. I am still alive and getting to do all of these amazing things because I persevered and trusted God’s plan. And I am more than grateful He has allowed all of this to happen.

I did question it at times. It wasn’t always an easy faith or trust. There were times when I questioned if He was there and why He was allowing those things to happen. But in time I got my answers. It wasn’t easy then, but it is now because I lived through it and learned to trust. It is not a blind faith because I have seen what God can do.

Hitting rock bottom is scary. There seems like there is no way out sometimes. But there is. The great thing about hitting rock bottom is that there is no other way than up. You have to decide to get up and allow yourself to ask for help. Let go of your pride and open up to those who care about you, even if that’s God. He will help you if you ask for it. If you feel like you have no one else to go to, Go to Him. And if you do have people to go to still talk to God. Let Him know that you are here and you trust Him. He will listen.

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