It’s Time To Let Go of the “All Guys Are the Same” Mentality

Hey guys! Welcome back. There are times when I will be scrolling through a website or through social media and I will see something that makes me want to respond. Not necessarily to the person who wrote it or said it specifically, but to my readers in general. It’s worked out fine in the past, so I figured I would do it again.

Someone (probably more than just one person) said that all men are the same. This individual was referring that all men are lazy, arrogant, and only care about themselves. While I do agree that there are plenty of men in the world like this, not ALL men are the same. We think that because we tend to associate ourselves with the guys who act this way. But there are good guys out there.

There are good guys out there. Not the fake kind that only tell you what you want to hear, but real, genuine good guys. Guys that care and want a relationship. Guys that support you and love you and encourage you. Maybe not guys, maybe just guy.

You encounter all these selfish, inconsiderate guys because you haven’t found the right one yet. But he is coming. You just have to be patient and don’t settle for anyone who you aren’t sure about. Continue to be yourself and the right person will come along. Don’t give yourself up just because you don’t want to be alone. Live your life, don’t worry about boys, and he will show up when you least expect him to.

Focus on yourself. Chase your dreams and pursue your goals and ambitions. Life is more than being in a relationship. It’s about living up to your full potential and living life the way you want to. You will find that person when it is meant to be. You can’t rush fate and you can’t force a relationship that isn’t there. You have to be open and allow your heart to be ready for the right person.

Don’t feel like you are missing something or you are missing out just because you aren’t in a relationship. You can live a successful, fulfilling life without being in a relationship. You need to be happy on your own before you can be happy with someone else. You need to love and respect yourself before you can offer that to someone else. So keep living your life and don’t get distracted by anyone who isn’t the perfect person.

Not all men are bad. And if you allow yourself to fall for the wrong guys you will always have that mentality. Know what you want and what you deserve and accept nothing less. Keep you heart open to the right person and refuse to settle. Some guys are terrible, but that doesn’t mean that the right one won’t be the best.

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