Hey guys! Welcome back. I have struggled my entire life with feeling ugly. I never felt good enough or wanted. I felt irrelevant and unseen unless someone was doing something terrible to me. I know many people feel this way. Some people feel so bad about themselves and their life that they struggle to get out of bed and leave their house. It’s not a physical tired, it’s mental and emotional that takes a toll on the body.

You never know what someone is going through. You never know what kind of strength and courage it takes some people to keep living. I dealt with this in the past. I struggled with wanting to look like other people and be like other people. I wanted to be noticed and I wanted people to want to be around me. I didn’t know how other people did it. I thought there was like a secret or something. I just wanted to fit in and belong.

All girls at some point in their life feel ugly. Guys feel it to, but girls have more pressure to look good. Why? Because companies and businesses target us. They convince us that we need a certain product or we do a certain thing or follow a certain idea to be beautiful. To feel pretty we need whatever they are offering us and then of course we buy into it and it’s like a domino effect. They hire celebrities and spokespeople to help convince us because they know we listen and watch these people.

Every girl has an insecurity. Maybe it’s weight, or hair, or intelligence, or anything else. Maybe you feel like you are missing something that makes you pretty, that makes you belong. Really you aren’t missing anything. The thing that is going to set you apart and make you one of the most beautiful people in the world is one simple thing. It is kindness. When you are kind to someone it makes them feel wanted and loved. And someone, maybe not that person, but someone will be kind to you.

Everyone deserves kindness. We don’t always know or understand what others are going through. We don’t always empathize with people when we should. We all have bad days, we all have different struggles and mountains to climb. It’s a reality we face. So instead of tearing each other down because we feel down, we should lift each other up to help us get over these mountains together. We are all human and we all deserve respect.

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