Hey guys! Welcome back. You probably clicked on this post for one or two of two reasons. Either you opened it because you read all of my posts (for that I am eternally grateful) or you opened it because you yourself are in the “I Don’t Know” phase and feel exactly how I feel and want to know how I dealt with it. Or maybe for a third reason you don’t know what this is and want to learn about.

For those people allow me to explain. The “I Don’t Know” phase is a phase most people go through, particularly college students in their freshman and sophomore years, where they don’t have an answer for anything. They don’t know who they are, where they are going, what they want to do, why they are even in college, or the path they want to go down. It’s a popular struggle.

I went through this phase myself. In the process I changed my major five times, transferred schools, took a semester off, and changed my mind A LOT. So many things happened that no one knew what I was doing, where I was going, or what I wanted to do. There are people who still don’t know where I go to school because of course I changed my mind about that a lot too.

I have a post about choosing a major that I will try to link down below. If you are struggling and are suffering through the “I Don’t Know” phase, know at least that you are not alone. Most college students go through this at some point. My suggestion is to sit down and start making lists.

The first list you should make is the list of things you want to do or might want to do. Maybe there is only one thing you want to do. Maybe there is only one thing on this list. Maybe there are seven. It doesn’t matter how long or short the list all possible options. The second list should be places that offer what you want. That may mean transferring and that’s okay. All in all, make a plan for yourself. Map out what you want and then do it. Don’t stay in any situation (major, college, etc.) that you aren’t 110% comfortable and sure about. Make the necessary decisions and change your mind as many times as it takes to figure out what you really want.

Don’t let anyone discourage you. It is not their life you are living. You are living your life and you should make decisions that are best for you, not for anyone else. Surround yourself with people that support, encourage, and motivate you. Follow this blog for more college ideas and tips because I post a lot of them. Check out my other posts if you still feel like your in a rut. Also, feel free to comment below any questions or requests you have.

Long story short, the “I Don’t Know” phase is pretty much inevitable, but it is temporary. You will figure it out with time, patience, and determination. You just have to decide what you really want. Take classes in as many different areas as you can and you just might find your calling. Keep trying and the plan will come. Don’t give up!

Thank you so much for reading! Please like this if you enjoyed it. Don’t forget to follow before you leave if you have not already and I hope to see you next time!


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