Hey guys! Welcome back. Heavy title, I know. I am writing this post because it generally seemed like a good topic to talk about right now. I’m not at a point in my life anymore where I feel like I’m failing or I feel like I’m not able to do anything anymore. But I have been there. I’ve hit some pretty low points in my life. I’ve struggled and fallen, but I’ve always managed tot get back up.

Growing up I always knew in my mind that I could do it. I had the strength and courage to keep fighting through adversity. That’s not to say it was always easy or always seemed worth it. There were days that getting out of bed was a struggle. There were plenty of days where I questioned my existence.

I can’t do this anymore.

That thought crossed my mind plenty of times. I was constantly dealing with being depressed and feeling alone. I dealt with thoughts of suicide. I was abused and hurt and lost more times than I could tell you. But one of the proud moments of my story is that I never gave up. I never fell victim to those feelings. I pushed myself to keep going and worked hard.

I am where I am because even though it was tough, even though I thought sometimes that I couldn’t do it anymore, I did. So if you are having feelings like this, no matter what the reason, remember that it is possible. Things don’t have to remain the same. You don’t have to be the same person today that you were yesterday. Remember tomorrow is a new day. You create your own future and you write your own story. You choices affect not only who you are but also where you are going.

The only promise life makes us is that everything changes. What is today may not be tomorrow. Who you are today may all change in the future. Life is not stable and it’s certainly not predictable. You have to learn to change and grow with it. Happiness comes sometimes when you least expect it. Change happens when you don’t necessarily want it to. Or maybe you do. Life happens and you have to live through it.

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