You May Be Going Forward, But You’re Not Getting Anywhere

Hey guys! Welcome back. When I started college I thought I knew what I wanted. I changed my mind several times before I ended up where I am today. I’m still not completely sure what I’m doing just yet, but in a few weeks at most I will. At least I hope. The struggle is all this time I’ve been in college doing exactly what I needed to do. I took all my classes, became involved in things, made friends, and all the other things expected of college students. I was moving forward. I was marking things off the list and getting things done. The issue is I was moving forward, I was progressing, but I wasn’t really getting anywhere.

Through all this time of checking things off I wasn’t working towards anything specific. I was just going through it all without intention or purpose. I wasn’t really intentional with my goals or passions. I didn’t have a dream and because of that I wan’t getting anywhere. Nothing I did felt like it was working towards my future. I didn’t feel like I was bettering myself. I pushed everything off and did the minimal work that was required of me. I never took my time and put myself in what I did. I just went through my first two years of college not really taking the time to truly care about and appreciate why I’m here.

One of my biggest issues is procrastination. One thing I don’t like about myself is that I always put everything off to the last minute. I know a lot of other people struggle with this and I think we can all relate to the fact that it’s hard for us to care about something that we are always pushing aside. I know I can confess that. As much as I try to improve (and I have been much better lately) there are still times that something gets pushed to the side. There are so many classes I am behind in because I can’t stop procrastinating and just get my work done.

The point is, I am not fully giving my work my all. I’m not taking the time to do the best I can and better my future. So while I may be moving forward and getting things done, those things aren’t bettering me. They are just things on a checklist that I am marking off. And I have realized that if this continues my whole life will be wasted not appreciating what I have and working hard for what I want. I want to change my lifestyle and live the best life I can give myself.

A lesson we can all learn is to take more pride in what we do. That’s how you move forward and get where you want to be. Be your best self and take pride in what you do. Life will thank you later on. I can’t tell you not to procrastinate because I would need to practice what I preach. So learn from my mistakes.

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