Hey guys! Welcome back. Happy Monday!!! Mondays are all about the start of a new week and growth. So I thought today I would share how you can foster growth and change in your own life. We don’t all like change, but sometimes it’s needed to help us succeed and get where we want to be in life.

So how do you change and grow? Well one way is to start from within. What are you wanting to change? What are you willing to do to get there? Why are you changing? Are you doing it for yourself or is it for someone else? How soon do you want this change to occur? These are all questions you need to ask yourself. Maybe right them down and post them where you will see them everyday. Keep track of your progress.

What area of your life is changing? Is it personal or professional? Both have different means of changing and different consequences (consequences just meaning the reaction of the change. It doesn’t necessarily mean it’s bad.). Focus on yourself and what this change represents in your life. Is it positive? Is it going to be lasting? Most importantly, is it worth it?

If you can’t change yourself, change your environment. If you are unhappy where you are or if you feel stuck change where you are. If you can’t actually pack up and leave, turn things around. Rearrange your room. Organize your things. Get your life together. Get outside and walk around. Meet some friends somewhere. All of these things help foster change and growth.

Change doesn’t have to be negative. If you want to change, take the necessary steps to get there. The only thing standing in the way is you. Do what you need to do to get there. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. There are always people out there willing to help you.

Life only gets better if you let it. You can only change and grow if you make that decision. Don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone. Keep trying even if you fail.

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