Hey guys! Welcome back. Happy Halloween to all those who celebrate. Thank you all for stopping by and reading this post. I hope you enjoy it!

Today is the last day of the month. Tomorrow starts the beginning of November. Each start of a new month gives us a chance to restart. Technically that is true everyday, but some people just like the mark of a new month or year. It’s more symbolic that way. I rather enjoy the start of a new month because it allows me to feel the break of the old and the bringing in of something new.

So this month I have challenged myself to do a few things. New Month Resolutions if you will. November will be a rather busy month for me. I have at least eight papers due this month! But I want to start this month off the right way. So I have a few goals I have set for myself and I thought it would be fun to track them here on my blog.

My first goal is to workout more. That I am starting today because the goal is to go to the gym on Tuesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. And then on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday I will do what I can in my room. I’m actually looking forward to it because I think it could be fun.

Another goal is to read the Bible everyday. I don’t do it enough and I feel like it’s time I start doing it more. It’s helpful and a great way to connect with God. I also want to pray more. That is also something I lack in doing. So basically I want to grow in my faith which isn’t a bad goal to have.

Another goal I have is to study a little more. I study now, but I am so bad about procrastinating and I really want to start putting in more effort in my school work. As I said I have a lot of papers due this month and I want to give my very best to each of them. It’s really important that I start taking my time and really focusing on school.

As lame as this may sound, I want to keep my room clean. It’s always so messy and I really want to stay on top of that this month. It is so hard to concentrate and focus in a room that is messy and unorganized. So I’m also going to clean my room today (and do my laundry).

Those are my goals for the month of November. It is time to “get up and go”. Do you have goals for November? Share them in the comments below. Thank you so much for reading. Please like this if you enjoyed it. Let me know if you are excited to embark on this journey with me. Don’t forget to follow before you leave if you are not already and I hope to see you next time!