Hey guys! Welcome back. I was stretched for ideas but I found this one on Pinterest so I figured I would write about it. I hope you enjoy it!

Favorite Foundation: Hands down the Wet n’ Wild Photo Focus foundation. I didn’t care for foundation before I found this one. Plus, it’s incredibly inexpensive.


Favorite Concealer: Maybelline Fit Me concealer. I have super dry skin and it’s just so hydrating.

I don’t have a favorite eyeshadow palette or mascara from the drugstore because I’m still trying to find one that works best for me.

Favorite Bronzer: I love the Wet n’ Wild bronzers. I also love the blushes.

Favorite eyeliner: The (surprise) Wet n’ Wild felt tip eye liner. But there is one at the Dollar Tree that is great and it is only a dollar!

Favorite lip product: I don’t wear lip products very much, but I do like the liquid lipsticks from the Wet n’ Wild Catsuit collection.


Those are my favorite products from the drugstore. Please like this if you enjoyed it! Comment your favorite products below so I can try some new things. Don’t forget to follow before you leave if you have not already and I hope to see you next time!


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