Healing Is Not A Competition

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Healing is not a competition. Just because someone else healed faster than you did at whatever you are going through doesn’t mean you are any less of a person. You are allowed to go at whatever pace you feel healthy and necessary. Everyone is different and everyone responds differently to heartache. It’s not a race and you certainly shouldn’t feel rushed.

You shouldn’t rush yourself because you think it will make you look better. Don’t let anyone let you feel like you should be over something in a certain amount of time. Every healing process is unique to the individual. Don’t be afraid to take some time. Not everyone processes at the same speed and that is something that just can’t be rushed.

Focus on yourself and get through what you are going through the way that is best for you. Take care of your mind and body, but also take care of your heart. It’s very fragile and needs to be cared for. Take time for yourself and allow your strength to build and you will eventually make it through.

You are not in competition with anyone. Don’t compare you pain to someone else because you are not that other person. You were made the way you are and you should rejoice in that. It doesn’t matter how much time it takes someone else. The amount of time it takes you is perfectly acceptable.

Get where you need to be in your own time. Don’t let others pressure you or make you feel like your emotions are invalid. You are allowed to take your time because it is your life. No one else can be the judge of how you should be feeling. Just be yourself and take your time. You can only get better.

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