Hey guys! Welcome back. I am back for a little Monday motivation. Thanksgiving is this week so it should be a pretty short week for those who celebrate it. But whether it is a short week or a long week, Monday comes around and we feel tired and don’t really want to get up. So I thought I would give you a little boost for this frigid Monday.

Everyone knows we should learn from our mistakes. I make it a point to do this. We should also learn from other peoples’ mistakes. However, we sometimes get so caught up on our mistakes and the things we do wrong that we don’t see what we actually did right. I found myself doing this today. I got an 88% on a paper. Instead of thinking about how fantastic that is (even after my professor told me it was), I found myself wondering why I didn’t get an A. I hadn’t even looked at my paper yet.

I always find myself focusing on the negatives. I don’t recognize my accomplishments as much as I should. I am so concerned with understanding what went wrong that I don’t seem to care on the positive things. That was just one example. I do this with everything. It’s not just school, but mostly is school related stuff. I always feel like I have to do the best and I have trouble seeing that with all the things going on, sometimes a B+ is the best I can do.

We need to give ourselves credit for the work we do. Even if we don’t get the results we wanted. If you have done the best you can do that is all that matters. Nothing will ever be perfect because you are not perfect. You can’t beat yourself up over something just because it didn’t live up to your standards. It is your effort that matters, not the grade or the results. Be proud of your accomplishments and celebrate your successes.

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