Hey guys! Welcome back. I am home for winter break and have been for a couple of days. It’s…well…not the best. Coming home is never all that fun because there are eight people living in a four bedroom house and it’s just too much. There are always too many things going on, everything is so loud, and I can’t find any peace. It’s more stressful and overwhelming than college usually.

At school I can do whatever I want. I can sleep whenever I want, eat whenever (and whatever) I please, shower whenever, and just about anything else. And the best part is no one cares. But coming home is coming into an abyss of judgement. It never ends. People make remarks about other people, they are rude without realizing what they are saying, and everyone has a chip on their shoulder. It is incredibly uncomfortable.

Now don’t get me wrong. There are things that I enjoy about coming home. Seeing everyone is nice, catching up is great, and I love not having any real responsibilities. But some things will just never change. And when they do they are ultimately for the worst. College is great because it comes with independence and freedom. Being home comes with wounds and battle scars.

I wish I could change certain things about the home front, but I can’t. So I live with it for now. Hopefully soon things on my end will change and I can move on. But for now I must endure the insanity. Looking forward to the future.

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