Hey guys! Welcome back. I thought doing a college tag would be fun since I haven’t done one yet and we are all aware that I love college. Feel free to duplicate this or post your responses in the comments.

  1. What college do you attend? Lindsey Wilson College
  2. Was this your first choice? In theory not really. I transferred there from another school and a lot of reasoning went into that decision. I don’t regret it though.
  3. What is your major? I am currently majoring in English and History.
  4. Do you have a minor? No.
  5. Do you live on campus or do you commute? I live on campus.
  6. How is your college experience going thus far? It has been great. I just finished my “sophomore” year this semester. I am officailly a Junior!
  7. Are you failing any classes? No.
  8. Have you joined any student organizations? I started the Harry Potter Club at my school. Other than that I am not really a part of any other organizations. Mostly because no one ever really advertises their club or organization.
  9. Would you rather stay to yourself or go to a party? I would much rather stay to myself. There aren’t usually any well-known parties on campus. I’ve been told that if you want you can find them, but I just don’t want to. I would rather sit in my room and watch Netflix or something.
  10. Speaking of parties, are they fun? I think this depends on your feelings about parties. I would say probably not, but I can’t speak for the majority.
  11. Have you gotten close to anyone? Male or female? I guess this question is geared toward dating. There have been a few *male* contenders. No one at the current moment, but in the future maybe.
  12. Do you get along with your roommate? Yes.
  13. Are you interested in Greek Life? The college I attend doesn’t have Greek Life or sororities or anything like that. If I had gone to a larger school that has Greek Life I definitely would have considered it. I think it is a wonderful thing across college campuses. I just don’t have them at the college I attend.
  14. What was the biggest high school to college transition for you? There were a couple. I might do an entire post dedicated to this, but I will briefly explain here in case I forget. One is the people. I went from having no friends in high school to having like six friends in college. I was completely shocked that people in college liked me and wanted to be my friend. Another was the amount of lies my high school teachers told me. I was expecting college to be a lot worse than it actually is.
  15. Are you overwhelmed? Sometimes. Mostly toward the end of the semester. I do my best to not stress out and to plan as much as I can in advance so I don’t get too overwhelmed. But it’s a natural part of the college life, so I accept it.
  16. Have you developed any bad habits? I think I procrastinate more than I should. But that’s probably it. I consider myself to be a pretty good student.
  17. Did you gain the Freshman 15? No.
  18. What do you not like about college? The cost. I guess it’s a worthy investment, but it’s just so much.
  19. Have you changed your major? Yes. Like five times. But it was all for good reason.
  20. Any advice for high school seniors? Again I will do an entire post about this.

Thank you so much for reading. I hope you enjoyed this. Please like it if you did. If you want an entire post dedicated to any of these questions, let me know in the comments down below. Don’t forget to follow before you leave if you have not already and I hope to see you next time!


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