Ruining My Reputation (In The Best Way)

Hey guys! Welcome back. I have always been known as being shy and quiet. I have never taken many chances. I always want people to like me. I never want to hurt anyone or cause them any kind of pain. I always try and the best version of myself for other people. I never take advantage of anyone. I always try to stay on people’s good side. I forgive even when someone may not deserve it. All of these things seem good on the surface, but they have led to some pretty tragic moments in life.

I have learned that while I may be an inherently good person, I always try to do the right thing, and I never take advantage of anyone, that does not mean they will treat me with the same respect. In many ways I have been taken advantage of. My kindness has caused people to believe that I am weak and incompetent. They think I am unable to take care of myself and do things I want to do. They don’t believe I have what it takes to get anywhere and that I shouldn’t even try.

My reputation has always been the weak, quiet girl that never had a chance. Little did they know I spent my entire childhood fighting for my life. I never knew or realized how hard I had to work until I became an adult and realized that while people my age have a hard time with certain adult responsibilities, I am a master at them.

I may not be outgoing or outspoken. I may not be the best people person. I may not be the best at making decisions and knowing what I want. However, I am trustworthy and dependable. I work hard and follow with passion. I know how to lead when necessary and follow when appropriate. I can follow my own path, but can take directions and advice from those around me. I have respect for those superior to me. I am cautious with whom I choose to spend my time because my time is precious. All of these things I do quietly. I do them without drawing attention to myself. But none of these things make me weak. None of them make me incapable. They all make me a decent human being with a lot to offer to the world in a positive way.

My reputation may seem that I am quiet, shy, broken, and afraid. But I am so much more than that. I am strong and independent. I can hold my own. I have done it for as long as I can remember. There have been times in my life when no one really cared. There have been times when I was left alone to figure things out and do things on my own. There have also been times where I was surrounded by people who abused me and manipulated me. There were times when I was lost and broken, but I healed and found my way back all by myself. I never really had much support from anyone. I am thankful now for the people I do have, even if they are temporary. Some of the best people I have ever known are no longer in my life. Some of the best people I know are currently in my life. I now have all I need.

I ruined my reputation in a good way. I may seem fragile and broken, but believe me I am not. My life has been one disastrous event after another. I take advantage of the time I have now and all that I can enjoy because I wasn’t always allowed to do that. I am grateful now for the opportunities I have and the experiences I get to have. I look forward to the future.

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