Hey guys! Welcome back. I don’t have very many favorites this month (I just tried writing that and literally could only come up with a few things that aren’t really “favorites”). So I thought I would just combine my favorites and my reflection in one with a little bit about what I have been up to. Please let me know your favorite things for January so I have some new things to try next month.

January was a pretty good month for me. I had two giveaways, reached 150 followers, and did really one on posting. There were a few times where I went a couple of days without posting, but I think I made up for it. I connected more with you all and that has been really fun. I got a lot of new followers and I am so thankful for that. I don’t remember how many I had when I started, but I have 175 now! I really think we can get to 200 next month, so spread the word to your friends. I will do another giveaway when we get there. I have been so surprised with how far we have come and how many people are enjoying my blog.

As far as favorites are concerned, I don’t really have any. I didn’t really try anything new in January. I’ve mostly been using the same things I was using last month, so if you want to know just check out my 2017 favorites post. There are a lot of things mentioned there. Hopefully next month I can try some new things.

I started classes again this month. That has been stressful. It’s been two weeks now and I’m already feeling it. I’m already loaded with reading and papers. It’s’ a bit overwhelming, but exciting at the same time. My schedule changed a few times. I started working again, but that’s about the same as it has always been. There isn’t anything new about that.

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed this super short kind of update. Please like it if you did. It helps me know that you want me to keep doing them. Also, please comment anything you have tried and love. It doesn’t have to be January specific. Any of your holy grail products, activities, TV shows, movies, books, music, food. Literally anything. I look forward to reading your comments! Don’t forget to follow before you leave if you have not already and I hope to see you next time!


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