How To Start And Grow A Successful Blog

Hey guys! Welcome back. Today I thought I would share my tips and advice on starting and growing your blog. These are all things I learned throughout my time blogging. They are things I wish I had known and thought of. Some of them I did think about and I think they are really important so I am sharing them with you. If you want to start a blog but are afraid or don’t know where to start just keep reading. And if you have a blog but want it to grow also keep reading.

The first things to consider is why do you want to start blogging? If you think it will make you famous just take a step back. Very few people get “famous” from blogging. Some blogs get very popular and if that is your idea of famous then maybe you might get there. But there are so many blogs out there that it takes a really long time and a lot of effort to get there. If you are thinking about turning it into a full-time job know that it won’t happen overnight. You won’t automatically start making money. It takes a long time to get there, so don’t quit the job you have now. Definitely keep working at it, but also be patient. If you want to do it because you love creating content, you love writing, and you love expressing yourself definitely do it. Don’t worry about how many followers you have or how much money you make. Do it because you love it and I promise people will come to you.

Find something that makes you you. When it comes to writing articles and creating content it’s best to stick to what you know. Write about what you are passionate about and what you love. Don’t try to imitate someone else because you see how successful they are. They have probably been doing much longer than you have. Follow your passion and allow the ideas to flow through you.

My next biggest tip is to start with WordPress. WordPress is super easy to use and really popular. It is the best way to start blogging because it is free. It has helped me with the basic structure of my blog and has helped me connect with so many other bloggers. If you want to start a blog start with WordPress. It’s free and easy to use.

Be consistent. I cannot stress this enough. You have to post consistently if you want people to keep coming back. You can’t post once every three months and expect people to remember your blog, let alone read it. I recommend posting at least once a week. That’s at the very least. Most people post at least twice a week. So decide in the beginning the minimum you want to post and try to stick to that.

Another thing that really helped me, especially in the beginning, was commenting on other people’s posts. I still do this, but it was a major help in the beginning. I was able to kind of advertise my blog, but also build connections and relationships with other bloggers. When I say comment on other people’s posts I do not mean, “Hey check out my blog” or “Follow for follow” or any other kind of spam comment. I mean comment genuine things like, “I love this post. I think we have very similar blogs.” or “This was a great post. I love your blog. Check mine out for other ideas.” It helps more than you know.

Utilize social media. I will be the first to admit I don’t do this as well as some people. But I do do it and it helps a lot. I think Twitter is the best kind of social media for bloggers just because you are following and are followed by people who share your likes and interests so getting your content out there will be easier.

Those are my biggest tips and advice for starting and growing your blog. Thank you so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed this and found it helpful. Let me know in the comments what you thought and if you have any questions or anything I may have left out. Don’t forget to follow before you leave if you have not already so you don’t miss out on anything and I hope to see you next time!


5 thoughts on “How To Start And Grow A Successful Blog

  1. Ninski J.F. says:

    Hi, great content 4me, I am just a beginner, like a toddler.- need lots of help.- thanks, from Venezuela, South America, Caracas.- @jfnski. I am Polish, living on LatinAmerica.- Any help for you on Spanish, I am at your service any time.- my name Gjorg Ninski.-

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  2. Nicculent says:

    Love this!Congrats on 200+ followers, so happy for you!I’m sure these tips are helpful, and I will sure try these out!Lots of love,keep writing<3I'd love for you to check my blog out:)

    Liked by 1 person

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