Hey guys! Welcome back. I have almost 200 followers and my blog has a pretty good traffic flow. I write about a variety of different things and they all do very well. So I thought I would open it up to my fellow bloggers. I would like to have some guest posts on my blog. So if you are looking to grow your blog or want to reach more people then just keep reading.

If you want to be featured on my blog the first thing you need to do is comment below with your email so I can email you the details. Also, in the comments let me know what kind of post it will be (beauty, college, lifestyle, etc.). If you are unsure let me know.

Once I have your email, I will email you the details and you will submit the piece you want to be featured. It can be one that is already on your blog or an original piece. Either way I will read it and get it all set up. I will attribute the piece to you and will not alter anything. I will let you know when the post will be up as well in the email.

Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope to hear from some of you soon. Let me know if you have any questions!