You Don’t Need A Gym Membership To Get In Shape

Hey guys! Welcome back. I used to think the only way to get in shape was to go to the gym and model after people who looked like I thought I wanted to. I thought it required spending a lot of money on the gym and workout clothes and things to that affect. But that’s not the case at all. In fact, you can get in shape anywhere.

I am by no means suggesting that a gym membership is a waste. If you have one and you know what you are doing, having a gym membership is great. If it works, it works. But it’s not always the best place to start. I remember that the first time I went to the gym (for free at my college) there were people there who judged me. And it’s impossible almost to go when no one else is in there. So that feeling of being shamed and ridiculed isn’t a good one to have when you are trying to better yourself.

I have found that I am more comfortable working out in my dorm room. There’s no one else there. It’s just me and I am able to do whatever I want, however I want. It’s more relaxing for me and I am able to focus on getting the results I want and need instead of focusing on how other people see me and what they think of me.

I think judging or shaming someone who goes to the gym, regardless of what they look like, is a disgusting thing to do. We need to encourage and support one another, not make one another feel bad.

So if you afraid of going to the gym, just know that there are ways around it. Work out wherever you feel best and most comfortable. Never let anyone get in your way. Do what you feel is best for you and it will all work out. Doing what is best for you is one of the healthiest decisions you can make for yourself anyway.

So just keep in mind that no matter if you go to the gym or you don’t, you can still get in shape. Who knows? Maybe one day you will make it to the gym. But for now, stick to what you know and what you are comfortable with.

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