Hey guys! I just quickly wanted to mention that I am doing a College Q&A that I will be posting this Saturday. I will be choosing someone random to win a $20 gift card. I’ve been saving my money for this, so help me spend it on you. Head on over and ask a question or two!

I will be doing other Q&A’s later on about beauty, lifestyle, randomness, and more. So stay tuned!

To be entered into the giveaway you must do the following:

  • First, obviously comment your question.
  • Comment how you found my blog.
  • Be sure to include some way to contact you so I can get your info to send the gift card (i.e. Instagram username, email, Twitter handle, etc.)

I hope you all ask lots of questions. Be sure you are following my blog, otherwise you can ask a question, but you will not be eligible to win the gift card. I look forward to hearing from all of you!