Hey guys! Welcome back. I did a post earlier today on how I spend my “me time”, so be sure to go check that out (there may be a giveaway at the end!). But I wanted to hop on here again and give a couple of announcements and ask a few questions. So please let me know your thoughts in the comments or on social media. I will link everything below.

My first announcement is that I did an E.L.F. Haul on my Instagram (@geekygirl415) Stories. So be sure to go check that out. My profile is public so you will be able to see my story. I recommend following me after reading my next announcement.

Several of you have been asking for “Day In The Life” posts. I will do those if that is something you still want (comment below), but also I will start posting more of my daily life on my Instagram Stories. This will allow you to see more of my everyday life. I will do formal posts telling the times and everything, but if you are interested, I will be posting there so you guys can see. Once school starts back I will be posting videos on my YouTube Channel. I don’t have any videos right now, but I will coming later. I will be doing a dorm tour and things of that nature. So go subscribe so you don’t miss anything!

I am also asking for people who would like to submit something to be published on my blog. I love doing guest posts. It’s a great way to build your blog. If you are interested please comment below and I will be in touch. Thanks!

I look forward to seeing you all on my Instagram. If you have any requests feel free to post them below. I will be doing those this weekend. Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed this. Please like it if you are excited. Don’t forget to follow before you leave and I hope to see you next time!


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