Tips For Being Successful

Hey guys! Welcome back. I hope you all had an amazing Monday and a great start to your week. I know that Mondays can be difficult sometimes. So I decided to pop on here and let you guys in on how I stay motivated and how I continue to be successful in college. Let’s be real, college can be difficult sometimes. I struggle so much between classes, work, socializing, my relationship with God, and staying healthy. There is so much to balance and it just takes a lot of time to learn time management (I’m currently still working on that myself). But I have picked up on some things that help me continue to be successful and work towards that future and life that I want. If you are starting college for the first time, I think this is going to be super helpful for you and give you a little bit of insight on what to expect.

1. Review Goals. I think most people know at this point that is important to have goals. But it doesn’t necessarily end there. You don’t reach every one of your goals in a short amount of time. Sometimes you have the same goals for weeks or months or sometimes even years. So it’s important to review your goals and see the progress you have made and what steps need to be made next. Having goals is great, but if you don’t keep up with them you might lose sight of them.

2. Prioritize sleep. For college students this is an extremely difficult thing to do. There are so many things that we struggle to keep up with like assignments and papers. But one thing that I have learned is that if you aren’t getting a good amount of sleep, you aren’t your best self. Some people say that they can survive off of only two hours of sleep, and maybe they can. But to truly be awake and refreshed, your mind and body need more than that. Don’t cheat yourself.

3. Scheduling workouts. It’s easy to say we don’t have the time to workout and exercise. That is a very common excuse. But having a set time everyday to work out is extremely important. It helps you know that you have to. If you set that time aside, you are more likely to do it. If that means you have to get up earlier, than do it. Just make sure you are also going to bed earlier. You still need that sleep.

4. Reading regularly. I know there are people who hate reading, but there has to be something you can read that you enjoy. Whether it’s the Bible, a novel, some poetry, or a blog (like mine), having something to read will help educate you and keep your mind going. It will cause you to think about things and learn about yourself. I know reading always helps motivate and encourage me. If you do hate reading, this will help you fall asleep at night.

5. Knowing when to say “yes” and actually doing it. If you commit to something, you have to follow through. Don’t be one of those people who never goes through with what they say they will do. No one likes those people. If someone is depending on you to get something done, you need to be the kind of person they can depend on. You will have a lot more confidence and be so much more successful if you do the things you say are going to do. In order to truly be able to do this, follow on to my next tip.

6. Say “no” when it’s not a good fit. You can’t say yes to everything because you can’t do everything. You have a limited amount of time everyday, and you still have to take care of yourself and your needs. Saying no is hard especially when you are a people pleaser. But some things you just can’t do. If someone asks you to do something that you can’t do, explain to them why you can’t and ask if there is another time you can help them or if there is something else that maybe you can do. But don’t feel like you have to take on everything. It isn’t practical.

7. Have disciplined focus. In order to get things done and be successful, you cannot keep letting yourself be distracted. No TV, no phone, nothing that is going to take your time away from your success. You have to train your mind and body to focus and get things done. I have said before that I have a very short attention span. But I go as long as I can without distractions. It helps me train my focus and allow myself to grow. It is a weakness I have, so I thought sharing this tip was important so you can see that I am still working on some areas too.

8. Scheduling time. One way that I focus and not let myself get distracted is scheduling my time. I work on specific things for specific times. Let’s say I have a paper due. I decide based on what I need for that paper and how long it needs to be how much time every night I need to spend working on it. If I have a couple of weeks, maybe some nights I spend less time working on it that others. It just depends on what I need to do in the mean time.

9. Selective time with others. This is something I have never had any struggles with. I am perfectly fine with secluding myself and working in solitude. But it is important no matter who you are to make sure that you are giving yourself space and time to get things done. Sometimes other people can be a huge distraction, but other people are also very demanding. So let yourself be alone and work on what needs to get done.

10. Prioritizing “me” time. It is important to have “me” time. That is the time that you do what you enjoy and don’t focus on work. Because as important as it is to focus on your work and mark things off your to-do list, it’s also important to take care of yourself and relax. Your body can’t go 24-hours a day. Be nice to yourself and listen to what your body needs. Don’t work from the time you get up to the time you go to bed. That’s not healthy.

Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope this is helpful. Please like it if it is. As always comment any questions you have or find us on social media. Don’t forget to follow before you leave if you have not already and I hope to see you next time!

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