Blogging In College + Giveaway!

Hey guys! Welcome back. Today I thought I would sit down and talk to you about blogging in college. Why you should start one, how you can start one, and how to keep it going if you do have one. I will be the first to admit that blogging in college isn’t always easy. There are times where I struggle to find time to keep up. That’s when I had to start prioritizing and scheduling it. I knew what needed to be done and I did it.

Sometimes it isn’t easy to keep up with, but I know if I want to continue I have to keep it going. That is why for such a long time I posted every single day. I knew in order to make it a habit, I needed to keep going everyday until I was sure I could go a few days without posting. Then I made a schedule.

If you are thinking about starting a blog or you have one that you want to keep up with, I want you to know that you have it in you. If it’s something you truly desire, you will find the time. The first step is building your brand. I started Love, Geeky Girl last summer and I didn’t even think it would become anything. Now, 300+ followers later, I know that it did become something because I kept working and you guys stuck around. I learned that if you want people to keep coming back, you have to give them something to come back to. If not, they will stop coming.

Starting a blog in college and being successful with it really isn’t that difficult. If you put in just a little work every day, you will find success. You won’t find it overnight, but you will start seeing growth and positive feedback. That will motivate you more than anything to keep going. Here are some steps you need to take when starting a blog.

Choose a name.

If it’s not permanent, don’t use it. If you dye your hair a lot, don’t use “blonde” or “Blondie” in the name. Use something you love and that is going to make sense to you and the people who follow you. It is possible to change later if necessary, but avoiding that could be a blessing.

Don’t try to blog about something you don’t know about. If you aren’t into makeup or fashion, don’t try to blog about those things because you think that what people will read the most. If you’ll notice, I don’t blog about fashion because while I know a lot about makeup and beauty, fashion is not something I am very interested in. If you like baking and know a lot about it, blog about that. If you like art, blog about that. Blog what you are interested in and knowledgeable in, and you will find the right audience. Being authentic and honest is a huge part of blogging. Also, just because you are in college doesn’t mean you have to blog about college.

You can use your name in your URL if that is something that interests you. I didn’t because my name is super long and I didn’t think it was clever, but if you are stuck for ideas and you like your name, go for it. But keep in mind there are other options and plenty of ideas out there. Go with your heart.

Also, it’s important to understand that employers and interviewers can find your blog. Even if you never use your name, they can find it. So be careful what you talk about and post if you plan on getting a job someday. It’s important to use your online presence for good, regardless of “free speech”.

Choose a platform.

I am a huge advocate of WordPress. It’s what I started out with and it’s what I still use today. Even though I am now self-hosted, I still work through WordPress. They haven’t let me down yet. It’s easy to use and very nice quality. If you don’t want or need to be self-hosted, it is free to use WordPress.

Choose a theme.

This one is a little more difficult. With so many options out there, finding one you love and that makes sense for your blog seems impossible. There are ways to customize whatever theme you choose if you are willing to invest the time. Just be sure whatever you choose is something you are comfortable sticking with. Because like your name, changing at a later time could confuse some readers.

Content Creation.

This is where a ton of people fall flat. After the first couple of pieces where you knew what you wanted to say because that’s why you started the blog, you run out of ideas. You lose the motivation and you just stop coming back. That is not good. In order to generate content, I recommend keeping a notebook where you can write down ideas you have and then turn to that list when you need ideas.

Promoting your content.

I will admit, I still struggle with this. But this is one of the amazing things about social media. I have my settings set where my posts are automatically shared to Facebook and Twitter and that way they are at least out there. I could do a better job and sharing them more though. Promoting your content gets your blog out there for everyone, not just the people who follow you. It also allows those people to share your stuff.

After all of this, it’s time to pull the plug. Go ahead and get your blog started. Following these things will help you be more successful. College is hard and adding another thing to that may seem crazy, but this is one of the best things you can do. Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope this is helpful. Please like it if it is. Comment below if you have any questions. Don’t forget to follow before you leave if you have any question and I hope to see you next time!



Now it’s time for the giveaway. This giveaway is to all of my blogging friends out there. If you have a blog you are open to enter this giveaway. Here are the rules:

  • You must have a blog with at least three posts.
  • Comment below leaving a request for a post on my blog, a link to your blog, and how I can reach you if you win.
  • Like this post and make sure you are following me!

If you don’t have a blog, don’t worry. I will do another giveaway soon for you! Keep a look out. If you win this giveaway you will win a $15 gift card to the place of your choosing. So be sure to enter!

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