Productivity Tips

Hey guys! Welcome back. I get a ton of questions about being productive in college and how to stay on top of things. I will be the first to admit that it is difficult. I am starting my final year of college this year and I still struggle at times. There are so many things that distract us from the real reason we are there in the first place: to learn. However, there are a few tried and true tricks I have picked up these past few years that I want to share with you. So if you are starting college for the first time or you have been there for a couple of years, at least one of these is bound to help you.

1. Go to class.

My college has mandatory attendance, so it’s pretty easy for me. But for those of you who go to a larger university and attendance isn’t mandatory, I highly recommend going to class. Now I’m not telling you to go every time because I have been known to miss a couple of days, but to not go the entire semester is such a waste. There is so much to be learned. If you miss classes and you get confused when it comes to assignments, it’s probably a good idea to go. A lot of the time professors explain things in class and to miss that will bring productivity way down.

2. Learn as much as you can.

In and out of class. College opens so many possibilities and opportunities to you. Going out and learning new things and being open will help you grow so much. You will learn from talking to your roommate, your friends, people you have never met, your professors, and so many people you just meet once. It’s a great way to broaden your perspective and learn about the world.

3. Talk to your professors. 

Most of them actually enjoy talking to their students. Whether it’s something that happened in class or something about a future career, it could be good to talk to them outside of class. Head to their office hours and just talk to them about your thoughts or ideas. It couldn’t hurt.

4. Take notes.

Write down what is on the board, write down what the professor says, and write down any questions and answers. Write everything you possibly can because it could be much more helpful down the road. Read your notes after class, rewrite your notes, and study as often as you can. It will make studying for finals so much easier.

5. Get your work done before the deadline.

You don’t want to be stressing the night before something is due, and the good news is, you don’t have to. Start working as soon as you get the assignment and if you do a little bit at a time every day it will get done before it needs to be. You usually have enough time to get things done. It’s just a matter of starting before the day before it’s due.

6. Do more than what is expected.

Don’t do the bare minimum. If you start something before it’s due, you have more time to put effort into it and make it all that it can be. So go above and beyond and show what you know and what you have learned. It will only help your grade and help you. It will help you excel and that is the most important thing. You will be happier with the result if you do the most that your can.

7. Get out of your room.

I don’t know about you, but I tend to stay in my room as much as I can. But I have found that getting up and going outside can be super helpful. It helps me relax and clear my head. It can also be nice to work somewhere other than your room. You could try the library, the cafe, outside if it’s nice, or anywhere you feel comfortable and helps you feel productive enough to get things done.

8. Get rid of distractions.

Most likely you will have a desk in your dorm room. If you choose to work there, leave your phone on the other side of the room. Don’t work on your bed. I know I am guilty of doing this, but it’s not very productive and isn’t the best place to work. Stay off your laptop unless you need it for something you are working on. In that case, only work on what you need. Don’t have tabs open that aren’t serving you in that moment. Eliminating distractions will help you focus more on what you need to be working on, and therefore, be more productive.

9. Break down bigger tasks into smaller ones.

If you don’t procrastinate until the last minute you will be able to afford to do this. You don’t have to write an entire paper in one day. Break it down to hour cycles and get as much done in that time as you can. Then stop and either work on something else or take a break. If you get lost in what you are working on though, don’t feel the need to stop. If you still feel productive after that time, keep going. This has happened to me before.

10. Have snacks.

This is helpful because as important as it is to study and be productive, it is insanely difficult to do if you are hungry. So having a small snack can help keep you going maybe a little longer than you otherwise would be because you won’t feel the need to stop in the middle and go get something to eat. This will keep you productive and will eliminate the possibility of leaving in the middle and not returning.

11,  Schedule some breaks.

Don’t work for hours on end and never give yourself a break. It’s okay to stop every now and then and reward yourself. Just don’t lose yourself in your break and forget to return to what you are working on. Breaks allow you to clear the air and give yourself a rest. Working hard is important and rewarding yourself is a great way to motivate you to keep being productive and get things accomplished.

12. Keep a to-do list.

I have found that I am much more productive if I have a list of exactly what needs to be done. This also helps me not forget things that aren’t typical to my routine. I recommend keeping a to-do list. But keep it short. Nothing makes me feel less productive than a never ending to-do list. So I keep mine strictly to things that need to be done that day. It’s also important to cross things off as you go because then you will see the list get smaller and more manageable.

Productivity in college can seem difficult, especially with all of the distractions we have access to. But these tips are things I have found to be helpful and maybe there are a couple that will help you. Let us know in the comments what your favorite productivity tip is. Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed this. Please like it if you did. Don’t forget to follow before you leave if you have not already and I hope to see you next time!

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