Back To School Series #8: Ways To Get Involved On Campus

Hey guys! Welcome back. If you are new to college and new to the experience, it can be overwhelming. Maybe you are shy and don’t ever want to leave your room. Trust me, I completely understand. Or maybe you are super outgoing and want to get involved right away, but you are unsure where to start. Maybe you want something where you can be involved part time. Whatever your choice, I’m sure there is something on this list for you that you will love.

1. Join or start a club.

Colleges have tons of clubs and organizations that will welcome you. But if you don’t like any of them or don’t find one you feel you want to be a part of, you can always start your own. Some schools do have guidelines you have to follow, but after that it’s so much fun. This is a great way to get involved and meet new people.

2. Participate In Student Government.

This is an awesome way to be involved on campus because you literally are one of the campus representatives. You get to be a part of making decisions, you will always know what is going on, and it’s just an awesome experience. If this is something that interests you, there is no reason not to give it a shot.

3. Pay attention to postings.

People post things all the time. There are new clubs and groups forming. People do fun game nights and things like that. There are always flyers around and people might invite you to events and things. Go meet new people and there will come an opportunity to get involved. But only go to things you feel comfortable going to.

4. Tutor.

If you find that you excel in a class, you can always tutor someone. It’s a great way to help someone and make a little extra cash. If you can help someone, you should even if it’s not much.

5. Intramural Sports.

These are sports teams that aren’t affiliated. They’re just for fun. You don’t have to be on a college team to join one of these teams. So if you enjoy playing soccer or volleyball, go out for an intramural sport and make some new friends.

6. Sorority/Fraternity.

If your school has Greek Life this could be a fun option. It’s a great way to build a support system between those also in your sorority or fraternity and most of them do good things for the school and community. It’s a great option if you feel lost and unsure of what to get involved in.

7. Community Service/Volunteering.

Not only are you getting involved, but you are also doing a ton of good. Whether you clean up around the campus or volunteer at a local shelter, you will be helping out in a big way. It’s a great way to make your home a little brighter.

8. Attend Campus Events.

School dances, sporting events, campus carnival. These are all great ways to get involved. You get to support your school and have fun. Usually these things are free for students, so there really isn’t a reason not to go.

9. Get a campus job.

What better way to be involved on campus than to work there? I work at the Bookstore and while it is taxing at times, it’s also a great experience and helps me feel like I truly do belong there. It’s a great feeling.

10. Residence Life.

I saved the best for last. Being a part of Residence Life has always been a dream of mine. I am so excited that I finally get that opportunity. It’s such a rewarding experience to know that I have the chance to have a positive impact on so many lives. I highly recommend doing this if you have been in college for at least a year.

Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed this. Please like it if you did. How are you getting involved on campus? Let us know in the comments! Don’t forget to follow before you leave if you have not already and I hope to see you next time!


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