Hey guys! Welcome back. I had planned to do this for a couple of weeks now because I like to plan my posts ahead of time so I know I get things out. I know I have been posting a lot for my Back To School Series but I needed a Lifestyle post and decided on this one. As it turns out, today was the perfect day to do this because I am struggling to keep myself together and not cry again. So I wanted to share with you some things I wish someone had told me and that I didn’t have to learn the hard way.

1. People care.

It has been a long time of people not caring and people not treating me well. Because of that I have struggled with knowing if anyone does care. If anyone in this world would ever love me and make me feel like I belong. No matter what happens I will always live with the memories of what happened and all of my struggles. It’s been hard, but I am learning that people do care. Maybe not everyone, but I have enough.

2. It’s Okay To Be Sad And Cry.

I know this now because I have learned that sometimes that is what I need. I need to be sad and let out my emotions through my tears. It’s painful to revisit the past, but sometimes there isn’t a way around it. Sometimes I have to know what caused my sad feelings and the pain that I struggle with. I have learned to embrace my tears and work through them the best that I can.

3. You will find your people.

It has taken some time and I failed a couple of times, but I found them. The people who care and support me no matter what. I am still learning how to handle it all, but I know deep down they are there. I am not with them always, but when I am I feel so much better. Through all of pain and heartache I know that I am not alone. That is the best feeling when you are down.

4. It’s Okay Not To Have It All Together.

I don’t know what the future holds for me, but I am okay with that because I know that God holds my future. My faith is in the fact that He already knows and I don’t have to worry. I will be taken care of because He will take care of me. I don’t have it all together all the time, but I know that God does. So I don’t need to worry.

5. Stop setting unrealistic expectations.

I do struggle with this a lot. I tend to expect too much from myself and it ends in me being overwhelmed and stressed. I need to learn how to be more intentional of what I want and how to get it. I also struggle with expecting people to treat me the same way I treat them. That’s something that just doesn’t happen often.

6. Tell people how you feel.

I hate being a burden and one of the things I hate most is trying to tell people how I feel. But I have learned that if I tell at least one person I will feel better. No matter how they react and respond I can at least feel good in knowing that I didn’t try to keep it all inside. Talking through my emotions helps me release all of that negative energy.

7. Break the big things up.

There are so many things I have to do that seem so major. Like they are so big that I put them off because maybe I think I don’t have enough time or I can’t do it all by myself. So I break those things up into smaller things so I can accomplish them. It may take longer, but it’s better than putting it off. All those little wins will mean so much.

8. Failure is a part of life.

Failure used to discourage me. It still does at times. But I have learned that everyone fails and there is no way around it. I can’t be good at everything and I can’t have every victory. Sometimes other people will win or the situation will get the best of me. But the only way for me to truly appreciate my success is if I know what it feels to fail. I learn from my mistakes and learn to accept responsibility.

9. If you don’t change your habits, nothing will ever change.

I have learned that nothing happens just because you want it to. No one is going to change based on your demands. You have to change your own life and your own situation if you want anything to be different. You are allowed to leave people that hurt you. You are allowed to leave situations that don’t warrant your time and energy. You can move because you are not a tree. Life isn’t always easy. It’s not always perfect. But you are allowed to change where you are. You have to change your habits or nothing will change. Nothing will get better if you stay where you are and keep living the life you are living. Life isn’t the same for everyone. One person’s home may not be great for someone else. “The same boiling water that softens the potato also hardens the egg.”-Unknown.

10. Let Go And Let God.

God is in control of my life. I don’t make any decision without being sure that it is what He wants for me because not doing that has hurt me in the past. It has caused great struggle so I walk with Him now. I let Him lead my life and I follow without question. It’s not always easy, but sometimes I need some growing pains. I need to learn my lesson. So without fight or question I go through this life with God by my side.

Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed this. Please like it if you did. Feel free to share the things you wish someone had told you in the comments. Don’t forget to follow before you leave if you have not already and I hope to see you next time!


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