Hey guys! Welcome back. I wanted to come on here and give you guys a little blog update. It’s been a while since I did a formal update on things that are going on, so I wanted to give you one now. I have been working for a long time now on starting my business and getting things up and running. For the most part they are going pretty smoothly. Because of that I think things may be changing a little bit here.

I still want to put up content for you guys and post regularly, but I would like to know the things you want to see. I would still do my favorites and my beauty posts. I also want to continue posting about college on here. But my other blog is all about productivity and lifestyle and making the most of your time. So the posts I usually make on Fridays will be going on that site. So what do you want to see? Leave me a comment below and be sure to go follow my other site for all those posts you don’t want to miss.


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