Hey guys! Welcome back. I am currently looking to add new people to the team here at Love, Geeky Girl. Below I will outline all the positions available and descriptions of each one. I am looking for people who are dedicated and looking to expand their talents.

Photographer/Graphic Designer: I am looking for someone who knows how to create featured images that show up with the blog post. Preferably someone who knows how to put words on the images, but it’s not a necessary skill to have.

Content Creators: I am looking for one or more people who want to create content and write blog posts. You can have your own blog or just want to write for this blog. Content can be about anything you wish.

Social Media Managers: I am looking for people passionate about social media who would be willing to manage the blogs social media. You will be given access to the pages already created. You do not have to use your own.

These are the positions currently available. To acquire more information, please contact lovegeekygirl@outlook.com. Thanks!


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