An Open Letter To Jaclyn Hill

Dear Jaclyn,

You don’t know me and you may never see this, but I felt it was important to get out. I wanted to say thank you first and foremost, for all that you do and all that you are. While I am fully able to recognize that no one is perfect, I admire so many things about you. I think you are a good person and carry yourself in a way that is such an inspiration to many people, including myself.

I never knew that one day when I clicked on a random YouTube video that my life would drastically change. But it did indeed change. You have become such an inspiration to me and motivated me to be so much better than I could have been. I have seen that you have changed and grown, but in my eyes it has all been positive. Who you are and what you do is amazing and I am thankful that you do what you do. It’s more than makeup to me.

I love your constant gratitude towards everyone in your life. From your family to your fans, you are always grateful. Through all your success you have never forgotten who you are or who you were. That is admirable. Though I can see the change, I can still see that you are humble and graceful. Not everyone carries themselves that way, even outside of the YouTube world.

I love the fact that you don’t let the haters get to you. You recognize that their opinion doesn’t really matter because you aren’t doing this for them. You rise above that and see yourself for what you are. You don’t let the negativity bring you down. You know that there are more people who love you and support you.

If there is one thing that I have learned from you it is that hard work pays off. Sometimes life isn’t easy, but in the end if you try and put in some effort then things will work out. It doesn’t matter where you are in life, things can always work out. Sometimes we struggle, sometimes we have depression and anxiety, sometimes we don’t know where we are headed. But all in all, if you don’t give up, things will work out. You are shining example of that and it is a beautiful thing to watch.

Another thing I truly admire about you is that you give everything your all. You don’t put anything out there that isn’t the best it can be. Whether it’s a product or a video, you know that people are spending their hard-earned money on these products or taking time out of their day to watch your videos. You think about your audience and that is a wonderful quality. Your selflessness is just one thing that makes you so amazing.

All in all, one of the greatest things about you is that you just keep going. Through all the struggles, all the negative people, and all the hard times, you don’t give up. It has helped me keep going as well. It hasn’t been easy, but I see what happens when you keep going. My success may look different from yours and my life may turn out differently, but we get where we are by our efforts. So because of you, I don’t give up.

I love the fact that you are not afraid to be yourself in your videos. From your most serious side to your most goofy self, it is all pure bliss. You stay true to who you are and never let anything change you. You make it easier for us to relate to you, so we appreciate the fact that share so much with us, even the parts that aren’t always glamorous. It shows that we really mean a lot to you.

I think you are beautiful, inside and out. Who you are and what you do means so much to me. Though I won’t have the same life as you, I hope to someday be as good a person as you are. I understand that you are not perfect and that your life isn’t perfect, but what you represent to girls like me matters. I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate you and all that you do. Thank you for giving me someone to look up to.

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