Breaking News: “Bachelor” Couple About To Be Parents

Hey guys! Welcome back. In case you didn’t already know former “Bachelor” stars Arie and Lauren are about to be parents! They recently broke the news on Instagram showing pictures of them and their ultrasound pictures. It was a sweet moment that they shared. They both seem genuinely excited and announced that the newest member of their family is expected to arrive in June 2019.

The couple is expected to get married in Hawaii in January, giving them six months of married life before their baby arrives! I know that many people are not fans of Arie and what he did, but I think he did what was best for all parties involved and I could not be more happy for him and Lauren. I think they have truly found happiness and that is all any of us desire.

I wish them all the best and hope for a happy, healthy baby for them in the future. Their life seems to be going pretty well and I hope that continues!

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